September 23, 2019

Revise Your Diet

The impact nutrition has on the body is astronomical. There are many common types of food that research tells us naturally inflames the gut: sugar, gluten, and dairy just to name a few. This inflammation can not only be increasing your existing pain, but it also could be the reason for it in the first place. Another reason diet can drastically impact your back pain is directly related to weight distribution. Carrying extra weight, especially in the midsection, puts extra strain on the muscles and joints of the back. Intentionally altering your diet to avoid foods that do not serve you, will not only decrease the overall inflammation in your body,but it can also help you lose weight and therefore reduce the pressure on your back.

Restore Mobility

Another great way to prevent back pain is to maintain or restore the mobility in your back and extremities. In our society,the majority of us sit all day long. This can cause our hamstrings and back to become increasingly tight. The tightness of these muscles can lead to stiff joints. Ways to increase your mobility are doing activities like stretching, foam rolling, dynamic warm ups, and frequent movement throughout the work day.  


Regular Exercise

We all know the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Back pain can be caused by a decrease of strength in the muscles that support the spine. A great way to prevent back pain is to stay active. Whether you are walking around the neighborhood, playing sports,or regularly attend a gym, correct form is of the utmost importance. One way to improve your form in any exercise is to ensure you are moving from your core. Exercises that improve your core stabilization are a great place to start! Some examples include planks, side planks, and push-ups.


Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is not good on your body. It can manifest itself in back pain, recurrent illnesses, and fatigue. It is a smart decision for your long term health to do whatever you can do to reduce your stress levels at home and at work. This can include finding a new job that better suits your skills, getting better quality sleep, exercising, or enjoying more self-care through low-cost strategies such as long bubble baths,visualization, deep breathing, and meditation. As Beyonce would recommend -treat yo-self.


Regulate Your Sleep

Sleep is so important. If you are having trouble with the quality or quantity of your sleep, first analyze your sleeping position. Many people can end up with back and neck pain because of how they sleep in their bed. They may even experience discomfort for a few hours after waking because of their body and head position. For most people, sleeping on your side is the best position to prevent and reduce your back pain. The age and firmness of your mattress can affect the position of your body while you sleep. Be sure to find the firmness that best suits your needs. Another factor to consider is the number of pillows. Having too many pillows under your head can cause place your neck in a poor position that will add strain to your back.

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