Finding Knee Pain Relief

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Do you have knee pain?!

Knee pain resulting in difficulty walking, going up and down stairs, running, squatting, going to the gym, as well as limiting individuals in various activities is frequently seen in the office. You may have received x-rays, MRI’s, doctors’ visits and various forms of rehab with minimal to no change. This is because knee pain can be referred from many different places. Treatment of the knee in isolation may lead to an incomplete recovery.

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Brianna (17 years old) came to our office with right knee pain for several years which affected her when stretching and participating in Karate. She had 2 MRI’s, multiple doctor’s visits and rehabilitation with no change in her condition. After evaluation of Brianna, we noticed a nerve irritation at the back, causing hip tightness and weakness which affected the knee. In 2 sessions of Physical Therapy, Brianna was pain free and able to participate in all activities without limitations and most importantly without pain.

Cases like Brianna’s are what we specialize in!!