Finding Back Pain Relief

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I have a degenerative disc in my back.

Diagnostic tests are awesome creations, but they can also give us a negative outlook on our pain and function. A diagnostic test like an MRI or x-ray may look horrible but you may have no pain. On the other hand, your diagnostic test may look average but you’re in a lot of pain.

There is more than meets the eye.

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Paul (50 years old) with chronic low back pain came to us for treatment prior to getting surgery (surgeon said he needed to lose weight). He reported that he had a degenerative disc affecting him for years and it was impacting his life. He was unable to sit/stand for prolonged periods of time and the pain limited his ability to walk longer distances. During our assessment we found that limitations in muscles in the hip were putting stress on the degenerative area. After we released these muscles in conjunction with stability and movement training.

Paul was pain free and never got the surgery.