Exercise Library

Exercise Library


Do you have shoulder pain Part1

Monster walks

Single Leg standing with lat pull down

Side stepping

Single leg squat with band to assist with hip strength and motor control

Mini squat with band

Lateral step down

Hip hike

Plank on ball

Terminal knee extension with band

Seated T-spine Rotation

Trunk Stability Rotation With Knees Flexed

Reach, Lift And Roll

Straight Leg Raise With Alternating Leg On Wall

Straight Leg Raise With Lat Pull Down

Threading The Needle

Ab Stabilization on All Four's Pressing into Wall

D2 Shoulder Flexion

Reaching For The Stars

Pain in the hip 1


Pain in Hip (Part 2)

Upper back mobility and stability

Side lying hip flexion extension

1st rib mobilization

Tall kneeling hip hinge

Resisted qped alternating arm/ leg

Assisted curl up

Assisted single leg hip hinge

Bear Crawl