Finding Foot & Ankle Pain Relief

Do you have pain the in the foot or ankle?

Foot and ankle pain can sometimes be some of the most frustrating injuries. Injuries like Achilles Tendonitis, posterior tibialis tendonitis, ankle sprains to name a few. Individuals try to find quick but costly ways to fix these issues like with orthotics, boots, MRI’s and frequent doctors visits. Seventy percent get better due to a normal healing process but there is the other thirty percent who have difficulty getting better and are left without answers.

Taking the whole body into consideration we can better understand the stress that can be placed on the foot and ankle if the body part above and not string enough to distribute the forces along the body.

Sam (30 years old) come to our clinic with longstanding foot pain and unable to exercise in order to lose weight. Sam has tried various orthotics and change in foot wear but has seen no changes. After evaluation of Sam we notice significant weakness in her hips causing increased stress on her feet. We also notice that because of the increased stress her feet were extremely stiff and as a result unable to dissipate the forces with impact from walking and exercise. After treatment was performed to her tight/ weak hips and stiff feet Sam was able to return to full exercise without pain.

Cases like Sam’s are what we specialize in!!