Dance Rehabiliatation Physical Therapy

It hurts when I jump!

This type of injury can happen to many of us but in this specific case Anna (age 15) had pain jumping while participating in ballet. The pain was like shin splints and she had no resolve after multiple doctors visits, MRI and rehabilitation.

At Missing Link Physical Therapy we DO SPECIALIZE in the performing arts! The ability for us to evaluate movement has assisted us in solving many difficult injuries like Anna.

After 2 sessions of Therapy we were able to dramatically change Anna’s pain and she was now able to participate in ballet pain free. What took so long to solve this problem? Tunnel vision; the lower leg pain was cause to a irritation to the low back resulting in weakness to the leg and increase stress being placed on the one muscle. After restoring her strength and working on her mechanics Anna was able to return to all activities without limitations.

Cases like Sam’s are what we specialize in!!