Let's Discuss Elbow Pain

May 26, 2019

Let’s Discuss Elbow Pain!

Welcome to another week’s blog! Today, I would like to discuss elbow pain. Specifically, lateral epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow”, or simply,  pain in the elbow. Why do I want to discuss this today? Well, I see many people in my office that experience acute or even chronic pain in their elbow that lasts for year after year.

Let me give you a little insight…. This elbow pain can sometimes be caused by dysfunction in the neck. A pinch in the nerves of the neck can result in weakness in the arms, which then can turn into tendonitis in the elbow.


Many of us have been treating this elbow pain over and over with multiple methods but we see that it is not fully getting better. The KEY to fixing this is by fixing the problem in the neck. By restoring normal function in the neck, and also treating the elbow, you will have great results!

So today, if you’re having difficulty with your elbow, holding objects, pouring, objects, opening bottles, lifting, pushing a door open, playing tennis and so forth, this may be the answer for you!