Don’t Live With Foot Pain Today!!

May 26, 2019

Welcome to Missing Link’s first blog! My name is Andre Heletsi, owner and physical therapist at Missing Link Physical Therapy. Today, we want to discuss foot pain. You guys know exactly what I’m talking about. The plantar fasciitis, the Achilles tendonitis, the other “itis” and that “itis” that have no resolution. That’s who I’m really talking about, the people who are affected to where they cannot stand for long periods of time,walk for long periods of time, when they get out of bed that first step is horrendous. Those are people who I am addressing today. Sometimes the change of orthotics, the cortisone shots, or the change in shoes have no effect on this pain and lets tell you why, TODAY. Really, what is a tendonitis? Well, a tendonitis is excessive stress being caused to that particular body part and so if we can find out what’s causing that excessive stress, then we can have RESOLUTION of that tendonitis. Really think about it. So, here at Missing Link Physical Therapy, we see individuals who’ve had foot and ankle pain for months or even years without resolution. But when we can find the origin of the stress, the pain can be REMOVED! So, I have been able to get Bill, a former client of mine, to tell his story about his course of care with regards to plantar fasciitis I hope this blog will help you understand that there’s still hope for healing of that nagging “itis” in your foot!

Listen to Bill, a former patient of ours, tell his story about his course of care with regards to plantar fasciitis!


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