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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | February 21, 2015

What do we treat the most at Missing Link Physical Therapy??!!! The pain in the butt!!! No, I don’t mean the client, but literally a pain in the butt sometimes referred to as sciatica or piriformis syndrome. Often individuals have difficulty standing, sitting, walking, running or going up stairs. This pain can be very debilitating and decrease function and quality of life. This blog is aimed to address ways to decrease pain and the necessary treatment required in order to regain your mobility and function.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | January 21, 2015

Today we are discussing ways to improve pain located on the outer part of the knee. This pain is sometimes called runner’s knee, IT Band syndrome or just a pain in the knee :-). Pain may be present with going down steps, walking down hills, standing after prolonged sitting or by straightening your knee from a bent position.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | January 13, 2015

In today’s healthcare system it has become quite difficult to find an answer to your medical problems. This is partially due to the dwindling dollars provided to healthcare providers by third party payers. This decline in reimbursement is evident especially with regards to the provision of Physical Therapy services. Healthcare providers now create a Clinical Assumption versus a Clinical Hypothesis to solve your health care issues. I will be discussing scenarios based on Physical Therapy because that is my field of interest; however, the same thought process can be extended to other healthcare professions.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | December 29, 2014

Every New Year it is customary for us to make resolutions in order to improve some aspect of our life. Today it is my desire to address the physical resolutions such as losing weight, increasing activity level, participating in a new sport, resuming a sport and/or returning to sports after injury.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | December 5, 2014

We created Missing Link Physical Therapy as a place where dreams can be realized; it is ‘our’ utopia! One of our main goals is to give back to the community and to those in need. This year we have chosen to be affiliated with Children’s National Medical Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

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