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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | July 17, 2016

Good morning to our Bloggers! I ran up to the camera this morning (in the video above) and took a nice jog because my hip feels so good. Why is that important with today’s blog? Because today I want to talk about dairy, and its effects on inflammation; inflammation in the joins, and the gut. I was not a believer, I was a “hater” with this. I suffered with hip pain for 7 years, did a whole lot of treatments with no change. Well, about 6-8 months ago, I stopped with dairy. I stopped eating ice cream, cheese, you name it, it’s all gone.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | July 15, 2016

Welcome to Missing Link’s first blog! My name is Andre Heletsi, owner and physical therapist at Missing Link Physical Therapy. Today, we want to discuss foot pain. You guys know exactly what I’m talking about. The plantar fasciitis, the Achilles tendonitis, the other “itis” and that “itis” that have no resolution. That’s who I’m really talking about, the people who are affected to where they cannot stand for long periods of time,walk for long periods of time, when they get out of bed that first step is horrendous. Those are people who I am addressing today.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | February 11, 2016

110% FIT is definitely HOT!!  The workouts are intense, monitored and allow the client to work at his/her own pace.  Libby Westphal, Owner and Personal Trainer, definitely knows how to push you to the next level of fitness.  Well…why wouldn’t she know how to motivate??  She practices exactly what she preaches.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | February 4, 2016

Today I have the pleasure to introduce to my readers Next Phase Fitness.  I had the opportunity to participate in their Elevate 60 class which was taught by Doug Frantzen, co-owner and trainer.  The goal of Elevate 60 is to optimize loss of calories and build muscle for those of various fitness backgrounds.   A wide range of training routines and trainers are available to assure that your specific fitness goals are met.

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Posted by: Andre Heletsi | January 29, 2016

Like so many of you I have had the same problem over the years.  Signing up in the new fad gym and only attending a handful of times.  I have compiled a list of excuses stating why I cannot remain with one gym; and I finally figured out that the major issue was finding a gym that motivates me, addresses my needs and fits my personality.  Like a pair of jeans from Banana Republic or Zara the fit is going to be different based on your size and particular taste, these are the same challenges encountered with finding the gym that meets your needs.

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